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This service is FREE and will not affect your credit score.

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Types of Online Loans for Bad Credit

Even if your credit score isn't the best, there are several kinds of loans with available to you:

Payday Loans
Small cash advances meant to be repaid with your next paycheck.
Installment Loans
Longer-term loans with more affordable repayment schedules.
Title Loans
Secured loans with a better rate using your car title as a collateral.
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HonestLoans Bad Credit LoansEligibility Criteria

You can almost certainly get a loan with bad credit, but there are a few simple requirements aside from your credit score:

  • You must be 18 years of age and a U.S. resident.
  • You have to be able to provide personal information such as an address and phone number.
  • You need an active bank account.
  • You must earn a steady income.

How Our Online Loans forBad Credit Work

Finding loans for bad credit online has never been easier thanks to HonestLoans:

  • Submit Application

    Take 5 minutes to tell us about yourself.

  • Compare Offers

    Select the best deal from our bad credit loans online.

  • Find Quotes

    Let us look for the best bad credit loans available to you.

  • Receive Money

    Sign a contract and get cash, normally within 24 hours. 

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Why Choose Loans For Bad Credit on HonestLoans?

HonestLoans offers some things other loan brokers don't:

  • Trustworthy Lenders

    All of our lending partners are properly licensed, regulated, and subscribe to a professional code of conduct.

  • Fast Loan Decisions

    When it comes to urgent loans for bad credit, quicker is always better. You will be approved as soon as possible.

  • Get Up To $35,000

    Here our partner lenders can offer various loan amounts: $500, $2000, $3000, and sometimes up to $35,000.

  • Competitive Rates

    With dozens of lending companies competing for your business, you’re sure to find an affordable interest rate.

Does Bad Credit Affect My Loan Term and Rate?

With a bad credit, you may not be able to borrow as much as you want and will probably have to accept a higher interest rate. But our lenders are always happy to help you get the affordable loans you need. So you can view their quotes and check with them and see how they can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is a type of loan that is given to people with bad credit, typically to people with a FICO score below 580.

How could I get a bad credit score?

If you previously took on excessive debt and failed to keep up with repayments, this would harm your credit score.

Is it difficult to get an online $500 loan for bad credit?

When it comes to online $500 loans, bad credit doesn't have to be an obstacle. Especially if you have a regular income, there's an excellent chance that you'll be approved.

Who can be helped by $2000 online loans for bad credit?

Anyone who's hit by unexpected expenses they can't cover from savings – car or appliance repairs, medical bills, or any financial emergency – can benefit from quick $2000 loans for bad credit.

Are there guaranteed approval $3000 loans for people with bad credit?

No lender can afford to offer absolutely guaranteed $3000 loans for people with bad credit. Approval rates are high, though, with the vast majority of applicants being successful to get a loan.

Do loans from HonestLoans affect my credit score?

Simply asking for quotations will not lower your credit score. Taking out a loan with bad credit will affect your score, but repaying it on time may raise your credit.

Is it safe to borrow with HonestLoans?

HonestLoans as well as its lending partners are committed to running ethical businesses. We comply with all related laws and best practices to make sure you are protected.

How can I improve my credit score?

The first step is to request a free copy of your credit report and check it carefully – errors sometimes happen. It's also very important to pay all bills and loan installments on time.

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